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  • The World Game - USAFL

    I have the priveledge to host a new regular podcast for the US-AFL.

    A new football league including a system promotion and relegation. Visit Website
  • Partner, Images Frozen In Time

    A brief glimpse behind the scenes at Images Frozen In Time Photography. All purpose photography and video.

    Visit Photographer
  • Drefooty Presents Football Memories

    A little video by drefooty presenting an audio visual editorial on football past, present and future.

    View YT Video
  • Launch Of Heatmixxes

    We've just officially launched the home website for DJ Heatwave from Detroit MI.

    Photography by Images Frozen In Time Photography! Visit DJ Site
  • Slackware & Hidden SSID

    A command line configuration option for configuring Slackware 14 to connect to a hidden SSID.

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  • Why I Use Slackware

    Slackware is one of the oldest and most stable distrobutions of GNU\Linux out there.
    See why it's the foundation platform used at Drefooty Studios.

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Our Latest Articles and Project Features
  • Slackware Option?

    Hint: It's NOT about computer philosophy or open source vs closed code.

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  • Photography Source

    Images Frozen In Time specializes in creative expression through photography.

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  • My Slackware

    For what it's worth, my basic Slackware mock up.

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  • Slackware Is It!

    Out of all the options available, Slackware is our choice. Here's Why.

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  • SAFC Keroche

    When I had lost faith in world football, along comes a real football club that restored it.

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